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hello .
Friday, July 30, 2010, 7:27 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

annyeong haseyo :)
hmm, today is friday and there's nothing i wanna do for today . ahaa!
kinda lazy and boring today . fuhhh ==
btw , i have a lot of problem right now . a lot like a LOT ! :D
stress ehh ! ): u know what ? nobody care bout me , NOBODY !
haikz -.- i need someone right now , someone that understand me and my feeling !
where's my friends ? where are they ? i need them now.
my sister ? YEAH ! she's the only one that know and understand my feeling :)
but , she gonna leave me tomorrow . she's going to KK , with her boyfie !
seee ? she's more concerned bout her boyfie . uhuuu =(
nvm lh . there's no one that wanna accompany me ! i understand that .
well, i believe that i can handle it by myself . this may be
the challenge from god to me.
God , please bless me :)

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