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;'( IMY !
Thursday, September 9, 2010, 11:35 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

YEAH. no need to worry dude (: i'll still love u tomorrow . not only tomorrow but FOREVER and ALWAYS. u knw what ? u're everything to me . no matter how far u are, u'll always be in my heart, I SWEAR. i love u and i miss u so mach. i mean, triple mach :DD eventhough u dont have any feeling to me already but i still wanna keep my feeling for u. my heart will always open just for u boo. u're welcome baa . HAHA. u're so special to me, very special (: If i could choose, i would prefer not to lose u 'cause i love u alot, alot like alot :D u're my first lover and it's very hard for me to forget u and let u go. I miss the old 'US' . i miss that time . u make me crazy sygs . i miss our sweet memories so mach . i wont forget those memories, i promis ^______^ eee -.- i want with u back ! i need u baa. only u can make me happy and only u can light up my life. But if i really really dont have a chance to be in ur heart again, then nvm, it's okey . i understand. maybe im not perfect enough, good enough or maybe pretty enough to u rite? haisss == papa pon, i miss u darlink ! i miss ur smile and the way u make me smile . ahaa.


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