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Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 6:53 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

Happy 3monthsary my lovely by
I hope our relationship is not just only 3 months, I hope our relationship will last till the end of our life. I really do love you so much. you're one in a million, my most special one. Im happy you chose me from all of the rest. I just love you so much, my most wonderful boy! I think of you constantly & I want to be with you always, dream of you everyday & trust you more than anybody. you are my love & you are the guy I wanna marry. you know what? Im jealous of everybody who is with you when Im not with you :) HAHA bytheway, I promise to always be there for you. I'll be right by your side. I promise that you'll be my best friend. I promise I wont keep any secrets from you. do you want to know something? well, I want you. I want to snuggle with you at night, smelling your T-shirt and hugging up as close to you as I can. I want
to love you. I want to go to you when Im upset & hurt just to be engulfed in your arms. I think I'd feel safer there than anywhere else and I want to be the girl you proud to show off xD

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