I was born to tell you I love you♥
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reasons why i love you..
Saturday, May 21, 2011, 5:08 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

  • i can be myself when i'm with you.
  • you make me feel like I never felt before.
  • I can tell you anything.
  • your undying faith makes me love you more.
  • we're a perfect match.
  • thinking of you gives me a wonderful feeling.
  • your love gives me the feeling that the best is coming ahead.
  • you never give up on me.
  • you're irresistable.
  • everytime I look at you, my heart skips a beat.
  • you always say what I wanted to hear.
  • you say my name in a special way.
  • the way you say sorry.
  • you're smart enough to fall in love with me.
  • the way you call me SAYANG :)

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