I was born to tell you I love you♥
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will you be mine forever? *wondering* xD
Sunday, May 1, 2011, 9:02 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

will you be mine ?

dear you, you make me silly. you make my heart beat willy-nilly. when im with you, the world is hazy.
valentine, you make me crazy. will you be mine forever? can i be thine?
my valentine, you're all i want. In you, i find joy and delight. you give me everything i need. im happy when you're in sight. i think of you both night and day. im drawn to you in pure attraction. when you're not here, i ache for you.
please be my valentine forever, be my life, my world, my all. together we can be content, and share life's pleasures, big and small (: i'll always be the one who looks at you, and sees you in a fond and loving light. i'll always know that you're the one for me, because when we're together, life is right. you'll always be my love -- my hero, too, the person i can count on constantly. you satisfy me like no other could. im ecstatic that it's you who makes us " WE. ". im always thankful for the day we met. I LOVE YOU, and im happy you are mine. im always feel this joy , this bliss , this peace.

3 words , 8 letters ; I LOVE YOU !

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