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Monday, July 18, 2011, 7:18 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

happy 5monthsary husbey, laogong, lakiku
we have been couple for 5 months and im so glad that we can survive until now, even though sometimes we fight without any reason. today(18.07.11) is our 5monthsary but im not really happy today. you are the reason why im not happy. I got a news about you yesterday and its killing me. the news was very offensive. you still love your ex, is it? eiyerr -.- what does SHE have that i dont have? huh? tellme! why HER? im really surprised when i heard that news. i was like "what the...? that girl? ohhmyy. am i not good enough for him?" o.O im very down and sad that time. all i can do is stay strong and be patient. i know i have no right to mad at you for loving her because you have not been so completely mine. maybe its true that some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but they're not meant to be together :) ehh waiiitt, why am i talking about you and her? lol. i should talk about US. fyi, i just want you, nobody else. all i want is YOU. i want our conversations to last without us getting bored, i want you to be comfortable around me. i want to fall asleep holding you, i want to wake up next to you, i want to spend every single day with you, watch movies and cuddle with you all night long. i just want to be with you. i want go to PARiS with you someday. ohh boy, i really love you. you hurt me over and over again, but i still love you ♥ please appreciate me husbey. appreciate my existance. please stay in my life. i promise you, i'll love you always. and i promise you this : no matter who enters your life, i will love you more than any of them. even if we cant be together in the end, im glad that you were a part of my life before. i love you, Mohd.SyafiQ

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