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hello readers :)
Monday, January 10, 2011, 8:02 PM (comment)
Mohd Syafiq is mine♥

Gosh! who the hell is this? euw. she looks so ugly with the veil :D
HAHA. Hey readers, this is me actually :) looks weird huh? well, i dont really care bout my looks anyway. and I dont f*cking care what the hell you guys wanna say bout me or my looks 'cause no one is perfect, right? blah blah blah. actually today's my topic is not about 'judging people' but it's about me. It's like introducing myself lah :D okay so, the things i love to do/spend more time in my life are hanging with my friends and family, surf the internet, singing, dancing etc. and the kinds of people i enjoy the most are ones who are caring, funny, outgoing, kind, generous and
more :D that's important to me because i love and it's really fun to have the kinds of people like that :) u know, its cooollll. HAHA. Ohh by the way, i don't like hypocrite and i don't like go to school. i hate those teachers. they're so annoying. I mean, some of them lah :) hehe. well, i think that's all for today. sehh! haha. i gottoga now. see ya' and thanks for spending your time reading this crap things :D take care guys.

pssss : Im not MUSLIM :)

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